Dear Beloved,

You might think this kind of odd – or a little bit obscure

For someone to be writing you – without you knowing her

You probably don’t know this – but I wanted you to hear

That I’ve been thinking many thoughts – about our future – dear

It’s not that I’ve been trying – it’s just that they’ve popped up

And to go with that – well – my friends have coupled up

Not all of them I’d say – but it might as well be

For everyone around me – is now in love – it seems

So it hurts a bit – to not have you – by my side right now

To tell you of my stories – and my passions – and of how

I dearly love my family – my friends – and my job

And usually my studies – though at times – it is a lot

Of how I’m very busy – with all the things I need to do

And loving every second – though it would be fun to find you too

But as I think – I realize – God’s time will be impeccable

For my current self right now – it seems – is slightly more un-dateable

So I’m waiting patiently for you – wherever you might be

I’m saving everything for you – and praying for you daily

Some days it feels like waiting – will never ever end

But I know God is preparing you – my love – and my best friend

And so for now – I’ll be content – with waiting on our God

For Him to keep on writing – our life stories of love.



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