How do you know?

“How do you know when you’re in love?”

She asked with a smile, her eyes turned down.

You could tell in her voice, You could tell in her step

There was nothing mistaking it now.

How do you know when you’re in love?

The question rang in the air

She glanced around from side to side looking for one to share

“How do you know?”

Her friend replied, looking into her eyes.

When your hearts collide?

And you get butterflies?

And everything seems right?

But when the butterflies die

And the embers subside

The excitement you hold inside

Is still there?
Still strong?
Still alive?

She looked up and smiled

And grabbed her hand

And looked into her eyes

“Then friend,” She replied

I have nothing to hide

For I believe what I’m feeling is true

For if what you say is how love stands

I think I’m in love with him too


Hope is on the way

Hope is most special,

Most needed,

Most wanted,

when the embers die and your world freezes.

A hope like that cannot be bought,

Not earned,

Not borrowed,

Not stolen.

A hope like that before found and nurtured can sometimes be used

And tattered

And broken.

But when God meets His child and their pieces collide, then will their story be told.

Of a hope that lived after embers died

And the trees turned white from the cold.